Fully Fledged (TM) SMM Club membership

This membership is for....Any business owner or marketing team member who is:

  • Looking for help and guidance on how to create more revenue and keep higher profits by:

    • setting up or building a thriving social media management “Done for you” business, 
    • turning an existing “Done for you” SMM business  into a growing agency model, 
    • or converting your VA business into one that is able to offer (and DELIVER!) top quality social media management services 

    …this membership is for you! 

    We know that everyone will be in a different starting place with social media, both in terms of your current business model, your current knowledge and skills, and also what platforms, follower levels, email systems, funnels and so on that you may already have used in clients’ businesses.

    That’s why I’ve designed this membership so that you get exactly what YOU need, when YOU need it. 💪🏼

    NB: If you need help to set up social media systems for building your own business (rather than delivering these services for others), please DM me for details of the Marketing Accelerator Club (MAC) membership.

    What is it?


    • Weekly group Ask Me Anything live coaching calls & Content Co-Creation sessions - I will work with you to devise a growth plan (both big picture and the smallest details you need to know about), help you implement your plan, answer any questions you bring along, provide training on any particular aspect you’re stuck on, provide feedback including feedback on your digital marketing to ensure you are maximising the opportunities available for your specific circumstances. Topics can cover a whole range of areas such as:  
      • how to move from a solopreneur to an agency model, 
      • how to conduct a social performance audit for a client, 
      • how to design a client’s digital plan for the next 12 months,
      •  processes to help you onboard new clients for your SMM agency,
      • how to find and retain the best team of outsource colleagues to add to your team.
      • And so much more - whatever you need, we can cover that!
      • The Co-Creation sessions are your opportunity to take advantage of focused implementation time to Get Stuff Done - whatever you need to create that day, here's the chance to get it done. These are very popular sessions!
    • Access to the Fully Fledged (™) Academy Facebook group for additional day-to-day support from me and other members within a friendly community. 
    • Free access to the Quarterly Content Planning sessions where I help you work out what you need to be posting over the next few months, and you leave with the foundations of a content plan for your next quarter. 
    • Membership Vault holding all call playbacks and any training content, printables, downloads, bonus content etc which I may create or develop in future, to help you overcome common barriers. Available to access any time whilst your membership is live.
    • Option to upgrade at any time to bolt on one or more 121 audit/strategy calls, at members’ preferential price (always half price) - for bespoke tailored support. These are designed to help you with any aspect of strategy or planning whether that’s WITHIN your business (managing clients and client work) or working ON your business (e.g. processes, business models, ensuring it remains profitable, onboarding, finding reliable colleagues and staff and so on).


    • You will benefit from my decade of experience in this online space, having made the jump very early on from general VA to specialist Social Media Manager, and then to SMM Agency owner. Learn what works & learn from my mistakes too!
    • Access to my extensive social media knowledge & wider digital marketing experience on a day to day basis, to help you grow your business your way. 
    • You get bespoke advice, tailored to your business, to help you grow your online presence and find more customers.
    • Avoid overwhelm so you’re not drowning in tons of generic content most of which probably doesn’t apply to your business.
    • Quick turnaround on your questions, so you can get on with implementing right away.
    • Inspiration and cheerleading from a supportive community to help you grow your business your way.. 
    • No need to turn up live for fortnightly calls as all call replays and training will be held in the Membership Vault  for you to playback and access any time.

    Who is it for?

    Any business owner or marketing team member who is:

      • Looking for help to set up or build your own social media management business/agency but doesn’t know where to start, or is stuck with a business that’s not growing as you’d like it to.
      • Wanting to increase your income by converting a VA business into one which focuses on delivering amazing Done For You social media services, either as part of all of your service offering - but are struggling to make the jump or to earn the income you deserve.
      • Seeking guidance on how to build  a consistent following on social media, nurture that following so they become your raving fans, and easily turn them into leads who will actually buy from you.🙌
      • Seeking reassurance and advice on the best ways to structure your online presence and funnels so that you always have a healthy stream of leads and potential customers.👌
    • Wants to get more eyes on your services without breaking the bank or busting a hole in the marketing budget. 👀
    • Wants to build your business,  and your clients’ business, using the power of social media and digital marketing without having to constantly be one step ahead of the latest algorithm changes.🙄
    • Starting out or well  established - this membership will help you improve your online presence and your digital marketing game, whilst growing your SMM business im a way that feels sustainable and right for you.
    • Wants to take action right away & get straight on with implementing without getting bogged down in yet another lengthy course that doesn’t actually get you moving.

    Who is it not for?

    • If you’re not prepared to take action or are not open to accepting constructive feedback or learning from my extensive knowledge, training and experience in the online / social media management space, you will find progress to be slower than you hoped. 
    • If you’re looking for help and advice on how to use social media effectively to get great results  in your OWN business, then please DM me for details of the SMM Accelerator membership.

    Sign me up!

    You get all this for just £62pm** (~£2/day). Payment plans are available.

    ➡️ Access the membership by clicking Buy Now. This gives access to your membership content, AMA call recordings, downloads, and other printables.

    Look out for your welcome email which will give details of:

    * How to request access to the Facebook group,

    * How to login here to access the membership Vault. (This email will follow from my team usually within 24hrs). The Vault holds any membership content, AMA call recordings, downloads, and other printables.

    If you have any questions please DM me or drop me an email  sarah@fullyfledgedsmm.com 

    I look forward to welcoming you! Sarah 😊

Click Buy Now to access the membership & the vault here. This gives access to your membership content, AMA call recordings, downloads, and other printables.

27 Modules

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Welcome & Important Notes on how to access the course modules!

AMA Live Coaching Calls - Call Recordings

All AMA Calls will be stored here - open here to find them all --->

Call Dates and Other Events

Any call dates or planned events over the next few months. These also appear in the FB Group Events tab. If unsure about next dates, just shout! sarah@fullyfledgedsmm.com

These are the dates for the AMA Live Thursday calls (The Co-Creation Tuesdays fall in the opposite weeks):

Course: Become a Fully Fledged Social Media Manager (Biz in a Box)

In this Fully Fledged SMM course, I not only show you how to set up and run a strong and sustainable SMM business, but I support you through the entire process and help you avoid all the mistakes I made when I first started out.

You receive access to the course materials for as long as you choose to remain a member, as well as access to a fantastic trainee-only group, along with regular live training calls, where I focus heavily on building your confidence to help you build and maintain the perfect business for you. 

The aim of the course is to create 500+ new Social Media Managers, many of whom will no doubt scale and go on to run agencies.

It will take you from a brand new business owner (or even established VA business owner) to becoming an amazing SMM quickly and in simple, straightforward steps ... plus I hope you have lots of fun along the way!

(Click here to read the full course description and see testimonials and FAQs)

Course Information

Estimated Time: Totally up to you!

Difficulty: Beginner

Course: FF SMM (Biz in a Box): Pre-module - Overview and What to Expect

Course: FF SMM (Biz in a Box): Module 1 - Where You're At Now & The Potential

Course: FF SMM (Biz in a Box): Module 2 - What to focus on?

Course: FF SMM (Biz in a Box) - Module 3 - Funding options

Course: FF SMM (BizInABox) - Module4 - What qualifications do I need?

Course: FF SMM (BizInABox) - Module 6 - Services To Offer and How To Choose Yours

Course: FF SMM (BizInABox) - Module 7 - Client Retention and Delighting Them

Course: FF SMM (BizInABox) - Module 9 - Is It Time To Outsource? How to Start..

Course: FF SMM (BizInABox) - Module 10 - How to find clients & Get the word out about your business

Course: FF SMM (BizInABox) - Module 11 - Nailing your positioning and your message

Course: FF SMM (BizInABox) - Module 15 - Choosing Email marketing / CRM systems, GDPR & PECR considerations

Course: FF SMM (Biz in a Box) - Module 18: Mindset

Modules for this product 27
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